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Tanzanite Provenance

A thousand times rarer than Diamond, tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone that is found only at one place worldwide - Merelani, Tanzania. The stone is most commonly blue, surrounded by a hint of purple, giving it a magnificent colour.



Organising Sponsors

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals
The Ministry of Energy and Minerals is charged with the responsibility of facilitating development of energy and mineral resources in Tanzania. In order to achieve the above, the Ministry oversees the formulation, review and implementation of policies and legislation that ensures the sustainable development of energy and mineral resources.

The main focus of the Mineral Policy of 2009is to increase mineral sector integration with other sectors of the economy in order to maximise contribution to the the GDP, and, contribute to poverty alleviation.  The Government plays the role of a regulator, promoter, facilitator and service provider. On rare cases the Government may opt to require limited participation in certain projects for strategic or promotional purposes. The functions of the Government will focus on the following:

The Mineral Sector is guided by the Mineral Policy of Tanzania 1999, and administered through the Mining Act and Regulations of 2010.. The Minerals Division also administers the Explosive Act, 1963. The Minerals Division is currently led by the Commissioner for Minerals assisted by thirteen Assistant Commissioners.


Contact: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Minerals

754/33 Samora Avenue
P.O. Box 2000, Dar es Salaam.
Tel. 255 22 211 7156-9
Fax: 255 22 211 6719
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tanzania Mineral Dealers Association (TAMIDA)

TAMIDA was established in 1974, with the charter of promoting the mineral trade and to advance interests of registered mineral dealers in Tanzania. TAMIDA membership consists of gemstone dealers, gold & diamond dealers, and jewelers.

With the emergence of TAMIDA in the 1980s, mineral dealers started organising local markets, which later culminated into an international annual gemstone fair that was held annually in Arusha town. This first instance of the Arusha Show was the first of its kind in this sub-region, and it went at par with similar fairs established in countries such as Sri Lanka and Thailand. The fair lasted Seven years, and is being reborn in 2012. TAMIDA’s membership stands at 150.

Contact: Chairman, Tanzania Mineral Dealers Association

P.O. Box 15136
Arusha, Tanzania
Tel: +255 27 250933
Fax: +255 27 2508462
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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