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Tulsa Global Entrepreneur Week Impact Case Study

Tulsa Global Entrepreneurial Week Impact

Celebrating regional and global entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups since 2006.

In 2006 the entrepreneur landscape of Tulsa looked very different, with many business people looking outside of Tulsa for places to start their start-ups. As a response the Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Award was introduced with the intention of kick-starting a new entrepreneurial revolution in the Tulsa Community.

Today, Tulsa is a leader, nationally at growing regional entrepreneurs and as an active participant in the Kauffman Foundation entrepreneurial campaign – Global Entrepreneurship Week taking place, yearly, third week of November. The week is driven by the mission of advancing and growing entrepreneurship regionally, nationally, and globally.

As more and more cities, states and nations start waking up to the power of growing regional entrepreneurs, Tulsa will be challenged to keep our eye on constant improvement and collaboration. Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week is continuing to build on this positive momentum by encouraging a culture of start-ups.

Since 2007 the impact in Tulsa region has been impressive:

Strategic Partners Engaged– 182 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, public leaders

Entrepreneurs Engaged – 637 Entrepreneurs and start-up participation

Events Generated – 62 entrepreneurial tailored experiential sessions and events

Event Attendance – 4,350 citizens from Tulsa community participate in events

Start-Ups Started – 52 new start-ups operating

Jobs Created – 269 new locally grown jobs

Resource Growth – 3 new entrepreneurial resource centers

Driven by the desire to create an ever expanding network of entrepreneurial champions, start-ups, thought leaders, policymakers, educators and others the impact of Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week include:

  • More positive attitude towards entrepreneurship through community
  • Increased start-up and entrepreneurial activity
  • A stronger entrepreneurial culture
  • Increased entrepreneurial programs and resource centers
  • Job creation
  • Economic growth
  • Poverty reduction
  • Improved lives

Global Impact of Global Entrepreneurship Week:

Partners – 1,300

Activities – 95,000

Participants – 17,000,000