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Creating a Culture of Startups

All of us involved in producing Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week hold a powerful commitment to promoting and growing entrepreneurs in the Tulsa region. Since the first TulsaGEW was held in 2007, over 5,894 people have participated in more than 86 events around Tulsa. TulsaGEW also plays a vital role in growing jobs through startups. Over 917 startups have participated in programs created as a direct result of TulsaGEW, and over 445 new locally grown jobs have been a result of these programs.

With most net new job growth in the United States coming from companies less than five years old, it should not be surprising that we are focusing on ways to stimulate the growth of new and young businesses as a way to reinvigorate the Tulsa regional economy.

As communities around the world wake up to the reality that grand central planning is antithetical to organic entrepreneurial growth, TulsaGEW is a working to expand Tulsa’s emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem through a bottom up approach that works to inspire new startups as way to stimulate new economic activity.

The impact of promoting and growing entrepreneurs has been impressive with an ever-growing number of new programs emerging over the last six years:

TCC StartUp Cup The Tulseys
TCC Launch FabLab Tulsa StartUp Weekend Tulsa
SourceLink The Forge Research Wizard
Ignite Tulsa TEDxTulsa VizThink Tulsa

Around the world, Global Entrepreneurship Week has been a catalyst for growing entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week is about inspiring new ideas, business models, startups, along with promoting the concept that entrepreneurialism is a viable career path for anyone.

We look forward to your continued support, building on the successes of TulsaGEW and growing Tulsa’s entrepreneurial economy.

Sean Griffin
2013 Tulsa Global Entrepreneurship Week Chair